DeerHunt II 2018
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About | What's DeerHunt II?

DeerHunt II is a programming competition presented by the University of Toronto Mississauga's Mathematics and Computational Sciences Society (UTM MCSS), from January 27th - 28th!

Participants will be using a variety of different computer science, math and stats skills to progress though challenging problems. The solution to each problem will act as a clue to find the next probelm in Deerfield Hall!

FAQ | Get your questions answered

Who can participate?

Any post secondary students are welcome to attend DeerHunt II, unfortunately we are not able to accept high school students at this time.

How much does it cost to attend?

Admission is completely free. We'll also be providing food and accommodations for the entire event!

Can I work in a group?

Yes! You can have up to 3 members in your group! We recommend you have a "well rounded" group, incorporating students from computer science, math and stats!

Is this a hackathon?

Nope! You will be working on problems in math, stats and computer science. The team with the highest score wins.

When is it?

Overnight, beginning Saturday January 27th at 4pm, and ending on Sunday January 28th at Noon.

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