DeerHunt 2017
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About | What's DeerHunt?

DeerHunt is University of Toronto Mississauga’s first ever overnight coding competition, from February 10th-11th! We’re reaching out to experienced upper year students, but lower year students are free to come if they are up for the challenge.

Students will be using 15 different programming languages to complete dozens of problems at varying difficulties.

More information coming soon.

FAQ | Get your questions answered

Who can participate?

Any post secondary students are welcome to attend DeerHunt. The problems will be catered to upper year students, but 1st and 2nd years are welcome.

How much does it cost to attend?

Admission is completely free. We'll also be providing food and accommodations for the entire event!

Can I work in a group?

Yes! You can have up to 3 members in your group!

Is this a hackathon?

Nope! You will be working on coding problems in 15 different programming language. The team with the highest score wins.

What if I don't know one of the programming language?

We will be hosting short workshops during the competition, for every necessary programming language… we gotchu!

When is it?

Overnight, beginning Friday February 10th at 6pm, and ending on Saturday February 11th at 12pm. Be there or be a four cornered topological circle!

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